Construction of a Wood Retaining Wall for Your Homestead

Wood Retaining Wall

A wood retaining  wall helps greatly to achieve the reshape of the property. For the creation of the gardens, driveways, play areas of the children, decks and paver patios, retaining wall work as the protector and beauty enhancer. It also keeps the vegetation and the soil in well-established structures which may keep them protected from the outsiders.

In the wooden retaining wall, thick timbers are used instead of wooden materials. In the beginning, it may seem you very difficult to build the retainer with those heavy timbers, but later you will find it the best investment for you homestead.

If you search carefully in the market, you may also find the lighter wood sheet which may also be utilized as the blocks of the retainer. One may dig the holes which can be utilized as the fence posts. The pressure-treated wall can be as the fence boards, posts etc.

This DIY project may help you to build a wall which can be 24 inches high. The construction process is suitable for the homestead belongs to the flat areas. For the production of a 16 foot long and 24 inches high retainer, we must utilize the best timbers which can be durable even in the rainy weather too.

Wood retaining wall

Planning of the wall

At first, we have to stake out the whole area where we are planning to build the barrier. After that, we have to utilize another stake pounding one to another tightly.

Cutting back

With the utilization of the shovel greatly, we may dig the slop back in 2 feet. The landscaper has to dig the sideways carefully and not down. To work with the retainer, enough room must be provided.

Preparation for the area

Using the shovel, we must draw a line which may help us to dig out a 5 inches deep trench. With the bubble level, the builder may check the flatness of the top of the row. To dig the post holes the rule of thumbs can be utilized to hold back the equality of the depth on both sides of the holes. The builder has to dig 24 inches down for the proper utilization of the gravel. For the 4 inches by 4 inches post the hole must be twelve inches according to diameter.

Now, he has to remove the stake at once with the utilization of the manual digger or post hole auger. With the help of the measuring tape, we have to count each hole as 28 inches deep. The addition of the gravel with the holes will be effective for the drainage system later. For the best performance, the homeowner has to pour gravel at the bottom of each hole of the post by making them 4 inches deeper. Four bags of gravel will be enough for the eight holes.

After doing this we have to install the posts and set the boards one by one. Later we have to back-fill to close most of the cavities using the soil. In such a way, our wooden retaining wall will be complete which may stay years after years.






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