Block Retaining Wall Installation in Your Property

Block Retaining Wall

You should create a retaining wall to provide you with a landscape makeover along with an astounding architectural element and developing a raised bed for the plantation. In this article, we will show you all the steps to build a retaining wall so that you can make the best of your outdoors. We will discuss about the block retaining wall today.

Planning the Block Wall

A captivating flange on the blocks for this work makes the wall ideas easier to build. The interlocking wall block can be used to create walls up to 36 inches high basing on the block’s sizes.

Planning for the layout will go a long way to make the walls more effective and functional. If you haven’t any experience with such walls, the best approach will be to reach an expert.

Building Steps for the Retaining Wall

As long as you have a layout and a plan, prepare for the area and start erecting the retaining wall.

1. Excavate for the First Row

With the market layout, one can start excavating the trench. To bury the starting row about halfway, one should dig a trench about 4 to 6 inches inside and 12-inches wide, or two times of the block’s width.

2. Adjust for Sloped Ground

If the trench terraces, one will have to stan up or down to make the blocks level. Use any type of torpedo level to take steps so that every section of the wall remains leveled. None want the wall to be parallel to that slope.

3. Always Keep the Ground Levelled

In every step, never forget to check the level of the ground. So, one should tamp down all the soil and dirt with a hand or automatic tamper and keep the ground always leveled.

4. Build the Paver Base

Fill out the trench with around 3 inches of paver base, spread the base with a rake, and tamp the base down. Tamping the base allows a robust foundation. When it is all leveled, one can start installing those blocks.

5. The First Row

For row number one, knock off the flanges with a hammer or chisel so those blocks will sit tighter. For a sloped trench, one has to keep the block level, He can use torpedo level for that.

Place the second block and make sure it goes even with the first one. Finish installing the first row.

6. The Second Row

After building the first row, sweep the soil from the peaks. To begin with the second row, one will have to cut one block to stagger the pivot. Now, he should cut the block in the right place while maintaining the flange tight.

7. Add Fabric

After incorporating a few rows, one has to add drainage behind the blocks. Lay down different landscape underneath the block. Fill out behind the wall using gravel, then march forward to create by adding some more rows.

8. Apply Adhesive

For the previous two rows of complete blocks, one should apply solid adhesive to the peak of the walls. Then he should set another block in place.

9. Finish the Plants

At last, fold all the extra fabric and fill it out with plants and soil and in such way your5 block retaining wall will be complete.



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