Learn about engineered timber

In the old times nature was the ultimate force. It could not be tampered or modified in any way. While it is still true in some cases there are certain fields where nature is being modified and pimped up for the benefit of the general population. This is only possible because of the technological advancements that have been achieved by scientists over the passage of time. When it comes to flooring houses, the advancements also imply here. The natural wood or timber flooring is not being modified and engineered. This is done so to make more durable and strong high quality floors.

The process of engineering on timber is definitely for our own advantage because the raw form of wood cannot be directly used in houses for flooring, it might not simply be as durable of even practical for use in the house. The composite wood or engineered timber is built by binding together wood with several adhesives. The production process of this is very specific and the design specifications are also very precise.  Let us divide and understand the inside of engineered timber floor. Their thickness varies between 21mm, 20mm and the minimum is 18mm. they have two layers to give them extra amount of stability and strength.  The layers are of different materials and each layer represents each different material. The top layer which is 6mm thick is made of real wood.  The bottom layer which is also the last layer is produced of heavy duty and good quality ply wood.

Choosing engineered timber floors by Carpet One Australia has its own set of benefits. The natural planks are much more expensive than the engineered planks. You certainly do not want to spend extra money when you can get something of much more durability in a much less amount of cash. The composite planks have all the similar features and looks of a natural wooden plank. The finishing is also very similar but the price obviously is much less. We are all aware of the fact that natural wood is sensitive to temperature and climate changes which does not work well when you use them for you flooring. However thanks to the engineered timber you can enjoy the same natural look but these composite floors and indifferent to any sort of humidity or changes in temperature.