The Benefits of Using Local Storage Units When Moving Home

Moving a home is one of the most demanding tasks you will ever come across, as it can cause a lot of disruption in your life, not to mention how stressful it can be. One of the things that make this process quite difficult is having to get all your belongings from your old home to your new home. The situation can become even more difficult when you do not have enough space for all the things you are moving with, or when you need some time to get your new home sorted out before moving your things. Fortunately, you can be able to reduce the burden of the move when faced with such a situation by placing some or all of your belongings in a local storage facility, similar to the storage service we use in Sussex in the UK. (Seen here).

What are the benefits of local storage units when moving?

When moving home, many people are left undecided on whether to move all their stuff at once to their new home or to hire a local storage unit to store their possessions temporarily. While the former option allows you to complete your move at once, hiring a storage unit provides you with an easier time when moving, especially when you do not have enough space. Using local storage services when you are moving also provides you with several other benefits. Below is a look at some of these benefits:

  1. It provides you with an affordable storage solution

If you find that you are short on space when you are moving to your new home and you want to move with everything you have, your only options are to get rid of some of your things or pile everything into your new home. However, by hiring a local storage unit, you can store whatever some of your items until you find another alternative solution of dealing with them – throwing away, donating, or selling. The great thing about local storage units is that they are very affordable and you can be able to get enough space for everything that does not fit in your new home.

  1. It helps you save time and money on the move

money. By storing some of your possessions in a local storage unit, you reduce the work that is involved when moving, thus making the process faster. This also helps to reduce the amount of things you are moving, which combined with the reduced time, helps to save you a lot of money; moving companies usually charge you based on the amount of things you are moving and the time taken to move them. In addition, hiring a local storage unit from the removals company, such as Wynnes (, you are using can help you get a discount on the moving cost, thus helping you save more.

  1. It helps to make the move less stressful

As already mentioned above, moving is a very stressful experience, especially when you have to move all your possessions at once. However, you can be able to ease the burden of the moving process by using local storage units. This is because they help to reduce the load you are moving, reduce the amount of time taken to move, make the moving less expensive, and reduce the stress of packing and unpacking – fewer possessions means less packing and unpacking. Therefore, when you hire a storage facility during a move, you can be able to make your moving experience less stressful, which is what every person who knows the stress of moving desires.

  1. It gives you enough time to sort out your new home

Organising everything in your new home after making a move is another one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks during the moving process. In fact, some people are not able to complete the organisation of their new home until several days or a few weeks later. This task can become even more time consuming when you have many possessions and only a little space to work with. Fortunately, by using local storage services from a reliable company, you can be able to make this task easier. This is because a local storage facility provides you with enough space to store some or all of your items, buying you more time to go through them and decide what you want to keep or not keep.

In addition, storing some of your possessions in a storage unit helps to make your home livable by providing you with an alternative storage option for items that can clutter your house. You also get enough time and space to organise your home.

  1. It ensures security for your valuable items

Most UK storage companies invest heavily in the security of their storage facilities, thus guaranteeing that your possessions are protected for the period you store them there. For example, when you rent a local storage unit, it will most likely come with a heavy-duty padlock, and a high-quality keypad door lock. In addition, most facilities will come with extra security features such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance, door alarms on individual units, and on-site security personnel. UK storage companies also offer insurance on the items stored in their units, ensuring that you are possessions are protected from burglary or damage resulting from fire, water damage, etc.

  1. It offers a lot of flexibility

Another benefit of local storage services is that they are flexible, thus providing you with a convenient storage solution that meets your needs. For example, when you are renting a unit, you can opt for a short-term storage option, where you can pay for the services on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, most UK storage companies offer flexible arrangements, where you can increase the amount of time you want to rent with a lot of ease. In case you do not need the storage unit anymore, you can also easily terminate your contract.


Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you are short on space in your new house, or you do not have the enough people to help you with unpacking and organising your stuff after moving. Fortunately, you can be able to avoid all these hassles by renting a storage unit, where you can store some of your items temporarily, buying you more time to unpack and organise your house. local storage also provides you with several other benefits (listed here) such as secure storage for your valuable, reduced moving costs, and less work when moving. Therefore, if you are relocating your home, you should consider using local storage services to make your move less stressful.