How To Make Your Period Home More Energy Efficient

In the modern age, there is a growing desire to create energy efficient properties across the length and breadth of the UK.

This delivers numerous benefits to home-owners, primarily as it reduces consumption and the carbon footprint of your home while also reducing monthly costs.

This can be a challenging pastime in a period home, however, particularly if you want to maintain the core aesthetics and unique features of the property. In this post, we will look at three ways in which you can make your period home more energy efficient without compromising your interior.

  1. Modify the Door to Seal the Space

The grandiose front door is arguably the single most striking feature of a period property, but the fact that they are built from wood and prone to significant wear over time means that they are increasingly likely to allow energy to escape from your home.

You can resolve this issue with a modern program of restoration, however, which seeks to integrate modern materials and the functionality of the door without compromising the core aesthetics. A key part of this service is to enhance the energy efficiency of the door,  and this can make a considerable difference within your home.

  1. Insulate Your Roof and Loft Space

Our next tip can arguably be applied to any home, although it has particular relevance for those who own period properties.

Insulating the roof can certainly have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your home, particularly if it is made from thatched or another traditional material. While this is a relatively large and costly project that requires expert guidance if it is to be completely in a compliant and effective manner.

You should also strive to insulate your loft space, which makes for a less labour-intensive but equally effective project. This prevents heat from escaping through your roof, helping you to minimise energy consumption and costs throughout the year.

  1. Make Your Sash Windows Eco-friendly

Sash windows are also a key visual feature of any period property, but they are arguably more vulnerable to long-term decline than doors. They are particularly susceptible to the onset of damp over time, which can ultimately restrict their functionality and allow energy to escape from the property on a regular basis.

Outlets like provide a specialist service that can safeguard the longevity of your sash windows, however, by repairing individual components and integrating new materials to eradicate the impact of damp.

This type of service is crucial, as it can also be delivered while enabling home-owners to retain their original sash windows and the key aesthetic that defines the exterior of their property.