5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Carpet Fresh and Clean

If you’ve had your carpet for a long time, it can be a hassle to keep it looking clean and fresh all the time. A carpet is a long-term investment that’s supposed to last for years. However, many household carpets, especially in living rooms or near entranceways, can get a lot of wear and tear by way of foot traffic. Luckily, there are a few tricks that help to freshen up an older carpet’s appearance and leave it looking like new. Here are a few carpet cleaning tips from the pros.

1. Use Club Soda

Along with other DIY products like shaving cream, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, the power of regular old household club soda is almost unparalleled. That’s why so many cleaning solutions already contain their share of it. When a stain first appears, it’s always best to treat it with club soda first, blotting out excess with a paper towel. For the best possible results, leave the stain to soak in club soda overnight.

2. Get Creative with Heat

Some stains, like candle wax, crushed candy, or deeply embedded dirt, require something of a more forceful approach. That’s where heat technology comes in. In addition to the dry cleaning methods used by most professionals, there are heat tricks that you can use at home to get out more stubborn stains. All you need is a pressing iron and a paper towel. Put the towel in between the iron and the carpet and smooth the iron over the stain. After a few seconds, the stain should be loosened and ready for cleanup.

3. Use Green Pet Cleaners

When it comes to pet stains and accidents, it’s tempting to use strong, chemical cleaners that will overpower the unpleasant odor left by urine and other messes. However, by opting for green cleaners, you’ll be going the more practical route, as well as keeping it environmentally friendly. Most natural pet cleaners use enzymes to break up stains and odors, doing a more effective and efficient job of getting an unwanted mess out of your carpet.

4. Keep Your Vacuum at the Right Height

When it comes to vacuuming, certain practices can do your carpet more harm than good. In addition to vacuuming at least once a week, twice a week in areas with higher foot traffic than usual, make sure your vacuum is set to the appropriate height before cleaning. If it’s set too high, it won’t be picking up any of the dirt and grime beneath the surface. If you set it too low, you risk damaging the carpet fibers.

5. Get a Professional Cleaning Regularly

Sometimes, you simply need a professional once-over, especially when it comes to older carpets. If you entrust your carpet at least a few times a year to a professional carpet cleaning service like TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, you’ll be giving your carpet a thorough, unparalleled clean, as well as the chance for a longer lifespan. The more often you give your carpet a thorough, deep clean, the better it will fare.