Your Moving Home Checklist

Being busy and on-the-go is pretty much the norm for the average Londoner in the 21st Century. Having a million tasks to take care of during the day, looking after family, focusing on work, and running a business can drain the life out of just about anybody. It’s mind-boggling how much information a person’s brain has to juggle daily, and as a consequence it is expected that details sometimes slip and you are forced to prioritize one thing over another. Throwing an upcoming move into the mix can certainly feel like a figurative monkey wrench being catapulted into your daily activities as there is so much detail that goes into preparation. In order to successfully initiate and complete a move, it is imperative that special attention is paid to the preparation involved as to spare you from regrets and future headache. We understand that keeping up with all the information when utilizing a man and van service in Watford is a difficult chore, therefore we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do half the work for you and spare you the trouble. Here at Super Man With A Van Removal Services, our experts have compiled a checklist that you can go through as the days count down closer to the move date.  Print out a copy and post it in a visible area (such as the refrigerator door) so that your attention is drawn to the important details that you need to track.

4 Weeks to Move Date

  • Confirm Move Details – First things first, make sure the official date of the move is locked in and you’ve notified your landlord (if you’re renting).
  • Contact Utility Suppliers – Notify all your utility suppliers (such as gas, electric, phone, and internet) that you are intending to move. You’ll want to give them as much notice as possible so that they can transfer your utilities over to the new location by the due date. In case your broadband connection has not been setup by the time you move in, you can try sharing your phone’s connection as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot as a temporary solution. Do a final meter reading and take a picture to provide evidence to utility suppliers of the exact final amount.
  • Search For A Removal Company – Start gathering quotations from removal companies and decide on one that fits your budget and the size of your house. Take your time and read reviews online to get a good picture of the man and van in Watford that is going to be servicing your move.

3 Weeks to Move Date

  • Prepare Your New Home – Check the new house and find out how everything works and where everything important is located. You’ll need to know where the fuse box, thermostat, gas and electricity meters, and stopcock are located. Also check if any of the appliances need special handling.
  • Pack The Boxes – Start packing one room at a time, and make sure to label the boxes correctly so the movers know what the contents are. Don’t pack items which you will be using in the next 3 weeks; you don’t want to have to dig something out and ruin your hard work. Super Man With A Van Removal Services’ experts recommend using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes to save costs and ensure greater protection for your goods during transportation.
  • Settle Your Bills – Make sure you’ve paid off any outstanding balances as you don’t want to receive notices after you’ve moved to the new location.
  • Provide Transfer Notice – Make sure you have your address updated on any applicable forms: at your company, your credit card company or bank, doctors/dentists, National Insurance, and the Post Office. Make sure to remove your old address from online retailers like Amazon, so as to avoid any potential mistakes with parcels being sent to the wrong address.

2 Weeks to Move Date

  • Prepare Your Appliances – Make sure you don’t stock up on too much food in your refrigerator to avoid waste. If you have washers, dryers, or other appliances that may need to be uninstalled, contact a technician beforehand to have them prepped for move. The movers can also do this for you, but it saves time if it’s already prepared.
  • Ensure Sufficient Parking Space – The man and van crew in Watford will need to be parked outside your place for a couple of hours, so make sure you have the correct permits according to local parking regulations.
  • Provide Your Reservation Fee – As early as two weeks away, make sure that you’ve reserved an appointment with your removal company and paid the fee to have the date locked in for you.

1 Week to Move Date

  • Confirm Details – Contact your removal company and confirm the details to make sure everything is ready to go. If there are any last minute or emergency plans, let them know so that they can adjust and make arrangements.
  • Clean House – Have cleaners visit your current location to have everything buffed and polished to perfection in preparation for new tenants. Make sure to defrost and clean out the refrigerator on the last day before the move.

Move Day!

  • Confirm Details – Again, contact your removal company and confirm that they have the address correct, phone number, and directions on fastest route to the new location.
  • Final Check – Inspect all rooms one last time and make sure no items are left behind by accident. Gather all the keys in one safe spot so you don’t lose any. Lock all windows and doors before leaving the premises.
  • Move – Having followed the items on this checklist, enjoy the drive to your new home and leave the rest to the movers. Relax and treat yourself to a home-cooked dinner in the presence of friends and family whom you’ve invited to the housewarming.

We at Super Man With A Van Removal Services hope your move is made easier by this checklist and wish you great success in your future move endeavors.