How to Find the Right Housing When in College

When you’re planning to go off to college, it can be a confusing, exciting and frightening experience. Not only are you having to prepare for semesters full of books, studying and exams, but you need to figure out where you’ll be living while getting your education. Looking for college housing can be a daunting endeavor, especially considering the fact that there are so many rentals available and students clamoring to get in before the good spots are taken.

Understand Your Budget

When you’re in the midst of looking for University of Michigan housing, you need to understand your budget. Even if you aren’t the one who will be paying for the rental and your parents are going to do this for you, they need to know how much the rental will cost. If you’re working your way through college and are on a strict budget, the rental needs to be something that you can afford. One of the last things you want on top of your student loans is back rent. Not being able to pay rent is the downfall of many students who are trying to live near to their university. Thankfully, a good majority of university rentals are affordable because college kids are the sole renters.

Know the Type of Housing You Need and Consider Roommates

College kids often only need one room with an accessible bathroom. This means that you probably won’t need an entire house to yourself just because you’re studying away from home. If you choose to rent an entire house, you need to consider getting some roommates involved with the lease. In this case, all of the residents of the home will share the lease together so that the rent is divided up and made more affordable. Roommates are almost a necessity when going to college and renting a house nearby. The majority of college students can’t afford whole-house rentals on their own, so getting a roommate can save you a ton of money long-term.

Location, Location, Location

You want to make sure that the rental is located conveniently near to the college so that you won’t need to drive a long distance to get there. Ideally, it should be within walking distance so that you won’t even need to rely on a car. This allows you to save money on the gas you would have put into the vehicle, and this cash can go towards the rental itself.

Landlord Availability

All too often, university housing is a done deal for most students. They sign the lease with a bunch of roommates and then find it difficult to get in touch with the landlord if something goes wrong. Before you sign any lease, be sure that you have a great landlord who can be contacted at virtually any time. This prevents the likelihood that things will break down and go wrong inside the rental, only to find that you and your roommates are alone in trying to fix it.